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Snorkeling und Divespots

Many diving spots surround our Hotel. The north and west coast of Dakar promotes a vivid underwater fauna with impressive fish swarms, turtles, puffer fishes, rays and much more. The only thing you need are diving goggles, snorkel, fins and a wetsuit (November – March). For beginners we recommend the company of a local spear fisher, who knows the best diving spots and underwater secrets.

Diving with oxygen bottles is possible at two diving schools: Nautilus Diving at Maison Abaka, right in front of our hotel and in the south. The Oceanium Diving School explores various shipwrecks in southern Dakar.


FDiving in depths up to 15 metres with snorkelling gear requires good physical and mental health. With just one breath the local spear fisher can stay up to 3 minutes under water. In a depth of 12 metres the human body loses its buoyancy and is perfectly balanced, due to the water pressure. The feeling of weightlessness can give one the sense of flying underwater. Just remember the most important rule: never dive alone. The local spear fishers are more than ready to teach you their techniques and secrets. We offer freediving courses for our guests.

Places of interest

Discovering Ngor island
The near Ngor island is a place of discovery and pretty close to the hotel (10min, boat ride included). You can walk to the northern cliffs, eat lunch, enjoy clean beaches and watch surfers. The price for the boat ride to the island is 1000 CFA. We recommend visiting on weekdays since it is rather crowded on weekends.


Cliff hiking below the lighthouse
Take a taxi to the roundabout close to the lighthouse Phare des Mamelles. Ask your way to the Plage des Mamelles. On the small beach you can eat crepes and fresh fish. If you have the right hiking gear, you can walk along the coast to your left in order to discover beautiful stone formations and wonderful views of clear blue water.


Lighthouse & monument de la renaissance africaine
You cannot miss it. Beautiful sunsets on Dakar’s most elevated landmarks. The lighthouse is also a restaurant. You can go inside the Monument and even get inside the head (5000 CFA).


National Park: Ile de Madeleine
Our favourite place to visit in Dakar. Clear waters and breath taking rock formations surround this island. It is a paradise for exotic birds and fish. Wear good hiking shoes and bring sun protection, snorkelling gear, lunch and water bottles (there are neither shops nor is there shade on the island!). The entrance to the boat ride is located next to magic land and costs 5000-8000 CFA (according to the size of the group).


Marina Bay
Monday – Friday: 8’000 CFA,
Weekends: 10’000

Ile de Gorée
This island used to be a trading spot for international slave trade. This World Heritage Site still shows the colonial building style and weaponry of World War II. Today however it is loved by tourists. Several restaurants and beautiful cliffs add to the artistic style of the island.


Palm beach: Plage de Voile d`Or
Located behind the big harbour of Dakar, this palm beach invites you to relax.


Hotel Jardin Savana: Pool and chill
This hotel is a pearl. The pool is clean and surrounded by palm trees. On the horizon you can see Ile de Gorée and the skyline of Dakar. A romantic restaurant faces the beach and offers a good selection of local food. Entrance: 5000 CFA


Hotel les Almadies: Pool and beach
The most western point of the African mainland. Waves from the northern and southern stream collide in front of the beach. A big pool, an expensive restaurant, beach volleyball and ping-pong tables await you. Entrance: 5000 CFA on weekdays and 10000 CFA on weekends.


King Fahd Palace
This Hotel offers you a nice pool. Monday – Friday: 10´000 CFA / Weekends: 12´000 CFA


Plage Terrou bi
Entrance: 12’000 CFA

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