Everything, so you arrive well.


Swiss, German and French citizens do not require a visa to enter Senegal.

The flight from Zürich to Dakar (DSS) always includes a short layover in Madrid, Lissabon or Casablanca and usually takes around 7 hours. Prices average between 400 and 500 CHF (return ticket), depending on the airline and time of year. We ask our guests to book the flight themselves.

The vaccination for yellow fever is mandatory and the vaccination for Hepatitis (A+B) is recommended. For guests travelling further inwards, we recommend Malaria prophylaxis tablets. These can be prescribed by a local tropical specialist.

Arrival and Transport

The taxi from the airport to the hotel is around 45 minutes and costs around 30’000 CFA (roughly 55 CHF). You can book your taxi at the airport directly. They are plenty of taxis that will take you to “Ngor Plage, devant la cabanne des pecheurs“. If requested, we can organise your transfer from the airport to the hotel for 28’000 CFA. Just mention it while booking your room.

Taxi Transfer

If informed, our administrator Salomon can meet you at the taxi parking (+221 78 524 19 09). Otherwise the path to the hotel is marked with signs.

Taxi prices range from 1000 CFA for a short distance (5 min) to 5000 CFA for longer distances (30 min).

Money exchange

We recommend our guests to bring Francs, Euros or Dollars in cash and to use the local exchange offices. Only small amounts should be exchanged at the airport, as they usually have lower exchange rates. We do not recommend using cash machines due to large fees.

1 Swiss Franc = 580 CFA (Stand Dezember 2018)
An exchange office is around 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel.