Lessons in the Atlantic ocean.

Surfing and Senegal have known each other for more than 50 years. However, one still finds empty lineups and relatively constant waves. Thanks to being on a peninsula, we get good swell from the North and the South. The South coast harbours reef breaks and a strong offshore wind. The North coast has a slightly stronger swell.
It is our job to get you in the right place at the right time or to teach you the important elements of surfing in Senegal. Theory should not fall short. We love to share our passion with you and it is part of our mission to get you riding on the waves as soon as possible.

Elias is our surfing manager.
“My passion for surfing comes from a fascination for nature and the power behind it, the usage of the power behind the waves to move. It’s an indescribable feeling. I have immense respect for the waves, I love surfing with my friends and pushing each other to go further.”

Equipment rental

Board per day CHF 15
Board per week CHF 90 (1 day for free)
Wetsuit per day CHF 5
Wetsuit per week CHF 30 (1 day for free)

Reef boots for free (when resident in our hotel)


  • Maximum of 6 surf students to 1 surfing instructor

  • CHF 45 per day (2×1.5h) incl. equipment

  • Surfing lessons require at least 3 students.

Surf course

  • 1 week: CHF 250 incl. equipment

  • 5 days of lessons in a week (2×1.5h/day) (Monday to Saturday)

  • Equipment always available

  • Theory lessons


Welcome to the endless summer! Dakar offers surf spots for beginners and advanced surfers. Our home spot is located on the right side of the Ngor island. It has consistent swell in the winter months and can be surfed during high tide. Beginners should go to Virage to get smaller waves on sandy undergrounds. Secret Spot and Vivier are our favourite place on the west shore because the waves are clean.

Surfholidays in Senegal?