The vision of NIOKOBOKK.

Our vision for Senegal.

It is our deepest hope, our vision, that the Senegalese people encounters God’s love.

We love the Senegalese, the sea, the climate, surfing and diving. Our hotel creates long-term jobs and supports the neighbourhood by establishing quality tourism. It is our vision to fight poverty and to spread hope into the hearts of people. We don’t just include our guests, but also our employees and neighbours. We would be happy to welcome you soon here in Senegal!

Our mission is to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. We help the local community by offering long term job opportunities. In a first step we want to open and promote our hotel in order to generate some profit for our employees and us. Additionally, we want to support small-scale businesses (restaurants, craftsmen, taxi drivers, shopkeepers, street sellers, tailors, etc.) by bringing clients. Business consulting and micro credits are further ideas. By doing this, we intend to encourage people who are already working hard in their daily businesses.

Additional income generated through the hotel is used to create a child nursery for local kids, whose parents are working or suffering from poverty. By offering this free service, we want to support the educational development of the children and to fight the financial struggles of their parents.

We also plan on supporting smaller projects (roof gardening, collecting garbage, collaborating with the local school, etc.)